Ghanta College – My New Book

Ghanta College

Ghanta College Ghanta College

If you’re a college student GHANTA COLLEGE is a book written for you! It’s a straightforward, fun guide on how to deal with typical situations you may encounter during your college life.

Like KISSING, and SEX, and FIGHTING, and PARTYING, and yeah stuff like that! 🙂

In case you’re interested in buying the book let me tell you how I came to write it.

Firstly, my personal college experience was a muddled haze of excitement, anxiety and total confusion. I guess that’s the way it is with new experiences.

Secondly, I’m not too big on advice and self help books so my real challenge was how to write a book that wouldn’t sound too preachy and pakao.

So what I did was I tried to imagine me writing a letter to my college self. A letter that would be fun to read and helpful without me telling my older self to fuck off.

What you will find in this book:
Real Advice: Stuff that you’re parents or professor may not tell you. Basically how to deal with good, bad and maybe illegal experiences.
Key Milestones: I’ve tried to lay out the key milestones that you will encounter during your college years. From your first kiss to maybe even your first drug experience.
Entertaining Snippets: Advice can get a little boring so I’ve tried to spice things up by making it entertaining. So you’ll get fun tips on ‘How to Cry’ or ‘How to fight like a man’. That way even if you don’t take the advice, at least you’ll have a couple of laughs during some boring lectures.

In addition, some of my good friends (they’re also celebs) shared their college experiences from stories on kissing, ragging to drinking.
My Guest Lecturers are: TV personality Rajiv Lakshman, Singer Ramona Arena, Author Vrushali Telang, IIT dude Gaurav Sahni, and Stand Up Comedian Chris Lazarus.

There’s also gyan like Professor’s Secrets, Topper’s Tip’s and Nerd’s Warnings.

Finally, the truth about college (or any phase of life) is that there are no quick fix answers. What I’ve attempted to do is mark out the various situations you may find yourself in and suggested how to react. You don’t have to take the advice (it maybe even better if you did your own thing) but it’s here if you need it.

The book has 11 chapters covering topics like…
Your First Day (Clothes, Campus Map)
Being a Fresher (Ragging, Making Friends)
Dating (Does she like you?)
Studying (Copying, Tips on Studying, Acing an exam)
Drugs and Alcohol
Extra Curricular Activities


For updates please join the Ghanta College page on Facebook

The book is due out on Sep 28th and will be available online and across bookstores. Until then you can preorder it.

Pre Order Ghanta College from Flipkart

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