Fly By Services

I like airports. The problem is I don’t get to go to them enough. Sometimes I wish I could go to the airport just to drink an overpriced beer. Or browse through the books like it’s the best thing to do in the world.

In an airport time kind of stops. There’s nothing I can do while I’m there. Yes I can still answer mails, talk to people and solve work problems thanks to the internet but just being in an airport with a ‘flight to catch’ puts everything on hold.

Airports are therapeutic. They have a pause and calming effect on me. I could sit at a gate poring over the Economic Times…in Marathi and not feel any stress. I could probably learn a language while waiting for my flight. My mind is that conducive to things.

So my recommendation. Airports should allow non-flyers a non-boarding pass. For a fee. The non-flyer gets to chill at an airport for like 2–3 hours. He can go upto the Gate, peruse the facilities (shopping, cafe, lounge, loo) but must leave the airport after his time is up.

The service should have a cap limit (maybe 4 times a month) so the novelty doesn’t wear off.

What do you think?

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