Dear WordPress, I Have A Confession

Dear WordPress,

I’m sorry.
I have been cheating on you.
Behind your back. Right in front of you. Yes I know I have been here everyday (or as regularly as I have always been). Yes things seemed de rigueur. I have been Posting. I have been Publishing. And I always hawk eye my Stats page.

But if you looked closely; if you snooped a bit you’d see the proverbial lipstick on my collar. You’d notice that I post but rarely ever do I edit. Lately it’s just wham bam post and publish mam.

That dear WordPress was my tell. So, I’m going to come clean.
What I have been doing, whenever I feel the urge, that hunger to bang the keyboard and get my thoughts out, I don’t login to you. I head straight to Medium. My eyes rest gently on its clean white canvas. The Font is default, the Spacing prefixed. I can insert an image with an ease I’ve never felt before. And then there are the added whistles:

The embed
The highlights
The headlines
The quotes

It gets me going.
And when I’m done, what I do is copy paste it with you.
I know it sounds really bad. But I can’t help myself.

I know you can do everything Medium can. I know. But it’s just not the same. Medium has got my pulse racing again. It’s making me feel alive again.

If it’s worth anything please know this — I always come back to you. I still Publish with you. I know that Medium will never be mine. What I do with you will be ours. I hope we can make this arrangement work.

Will you forgive me? I still love you WordPress.

(You can read this on Medium here:

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