I bought the Google Home


1. It’s smaller than I expected.
2. It looks like a cute vase.
3. I can’t grow a plant in it.
4. It could be a decent paper weight.
5. It recognizes what I say quite well, even when I whisper.
6. I really don’t know what to ask it.
7. I mostly use it to play a song.
8. After that it automatically plays the next song.
9. I miss an interface.
10. I think the Google Home with a screen, like the Amazon Show will be what these smart devices will eventually become.
11. Reasons – we need a visual interface to be guided to do the next thing. Otherwise I have to figure out it in my head what is the next thing I want and that’s a pain. I’d rather have a few options that I can see with my eyes and just click on it. With the added option of using my mouth to say what I want.
12. It may lead to a whole new type of interactive voice/visual DIY content. Probably cooking, make up where your hands are engaged and you need to see a step. In which case you can say, “hey google go back a bit”,  “pause there”,  “show me the step again”.
13. I wish it had a name (like Siri or Alexa).
14. Wonder how soon people will start calling it Google Ass instead of Google Assistant.

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