New Book – Ghanta College

Ghanta College The Art of Topping College Life

Ghanta College

If you’re a college student GHANTA COLLEGE is a book written with you in mind! It’s a straightforward, fun guide on how to deal with typical situations you may encounter during your college life.

What you will find in this book:
Real Advice: Stuff that your parents or professor may not tell you. Basically how to deal with good, bad and maybe illegal experiences.
Key Milestones: I’ve tried to lay out the key milestones that you will encounter during your college years.
Entertaining Snippets: Advice can get a little boring so I’ve tried to spice things up by making it entertaining. So you’ll get fun tips on ‘How to Cry’ or ‘How to fight like a man’. That way even if you don’t take the advice, at least you’ll have a couple of laughs during some boring lectures.


The book has 11 chapters covering topics like…
Your First Day (Clothes, Campus Map)
Being a Fresher (Ragging, Making Friends)
Dating (Does she like you?)
Studying (Copying, Tips on Studying, Acing an exam)
Drugs and Alcohol
Extra Curricular Activities


Buy from any one of these websites:
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