What’s good to read?

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Date Night

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All Advertising Is ‘Buying’ Reach!

Twitter recently announced that they would stop ‘Political Advertising’ with the following tweet from founder Jack Dorsey.

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Breaking down what Jack is essentially saying:
Reach = A message received in a persons feed even when not Following that account.
eg: Promoted Tweets

Earned not bought = Only Followers should get the ‘Political Message’.

My thoughts:
1. What is advertising?
2. What is political advertising?

1. What is advertising?
Reach that is bought.
BASICALLY all advertisers piggyback on somebody else’s popular content AND thereby buy viewership.
Every Product/Service that advertises to you, pays movie celebrities, youtube influencers, and cute kids to persuade you into buying their product.

2. What is Political Advertising
The same as normal advertising but done by a politician.

This is the part I don’t get. If advertising is fine and a politician wants to use it as a tool why should he not be allowed to?

And if Jack Dorsey believes that reach should be earned and not bought should that not apply to everyone?

Incidentally Elon Musk does not believe in Advertising and Tesla does not do ads.

Here’s what he has said:

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What are your thoughts?



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Smell of Coffee > Taste of Coffee

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I have tried many types of coffee but I find they all taste the same. The only thing I seem to prefer is basic filter coffee. I don’t get the hype around Blue Tokai or roast or Colombian beans vs Venezuelean beans. Is the ‘coffee’ thing just a fake trend?

I also prefer Cold Coffee to Hot coffee. Especially Affogato.

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