Gourmet Charging Restaurants


A Fine Charging Experience!

What’s more important than Food, Water, WiFi?
Your phone being charged right?!

Free WiFi is actually useless. We all have internet on our phones.
What we want is our phones to be fully charged.
Always 100%.

So I’m thinking restaurants should pivot to ‘Gourmet Charging’ places and giving food for free. They could offer a range of signature Phone Charging options. Like…Fast Charge, Wireless Charge, Eco Friendly Solar Charge.

It’s the new Airbnb I’m telling you… 🙂

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Ego Vision Glasses


While Mark Zuckerberg works on Oculus Rift and others scramble to bring us AR/VR wouldn’t it be cool to have Ego Vision glasses?

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Things Were Much Better…


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a gentle reminder


I don’t understand why people write – a gentle reminder. If you have to remind someone then in all likely-hood they have forgotten what they had to do and you want to actually tell them to do whatever it is that they’ve forgotten.
And the fact that you can’t tell them verbally (or you have and it hasn’t worked)  but have to put it down on email means that person is not delivering on time.


The fact is, in reality your reminder is anything but gentle. Maybe next time, if you’re one of those ‘gentle reminder’ types, just write ‘reminder’. or ‘rude reminder’.

Ya. That’s it. Feels good getting that off my back. Later.


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Mr. Alien Does Not Meet An Atheist…


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